Green Book

Saturday 28th September 

Rated  12A


The true story of Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen), a working-class Italian-American, who in 1962 was hired by refined African-American pianist Dr Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) to drive him on a concert tour of the hostile Deep South.

 The story of Tony Lip and Don Shirley is not a wildly original one. It’s an odd-couple road trip about how we’re all not so different, after all. No wheels are being reinvented here: it’s Driving Miss Daisy by way of Planes, Trains And Automobiles, if you like. But the execution is so outrageously appealing and good-hearted that surrendering to its charms feels like the only option. Peter Farrelly, most commonly known for leaning on the cheapest, dirtiest jokes he can find with his brother Bobby, here summons a gentler, more character-driven kind of humour, while telling a serious story about the compromises that African-Americans have been long forced to make by an oppressive white status quo. 

 A supremely likeable film. Its message might seem obvious and its template overcooked, but it boasts a warm heart, with two astoundingly good lead performances to guide it home. 

Doors open 5.30pm Film Starts 6.30pm

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